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Donnie Bell is a composer of diverse means. Known for infusing multiple genres of music within a single composition, this Dallas-based artist easily transcends the point of categorization. His eclectic music tells of unique stories that sway the listener into an aural journey not only across the planet but throughout time as well.

Bell has been interviewed by RENEby and 90.1 FM KUPS 'The Sound'. His music has been reviewed by Mediocrity Is The New Genius and his homemade instruments were highlighted on Trashthetic. Bell has additionally been featured on 96.9 FM WOUR, Northwest Public Radio, Pierce TV, and the Rome Sentinel.

Alongside composing music, Bell also educates hundreds of young minds throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in music theory, composition, and performance.

Donnie Bell made his debut as a composer in 2009. His earlier compositional works were performed by the Pierce College Percussion Ensemble in Tacoma, WA and the Onondaga Community College Percussion Ensemble in Syracuse, New York.

Bell released Chronicles, a multi-movement programmatic work scored for a percussion quintet, in February 2010 and later that summer followed-up with Hold On, Let Go, a solo work for piano.

In February of 2011, Bell released his most elaborate work to date: Tacoma, WA. Written for a wind and brass ensemble, Tacoma, WA pays homage to one of Bell's most cherished places on Earth: Tacoma, Washington.

In August of 2012, Bell released Snails To Slugs (stylized as sn@ils to ślugs), a duet written for two marimbas. The follow-up to Snails To Slugs, Impaler, was released the end of that October. Similar to Chronicles, Impaler features all percussion instruments in a programmatic fashion. However, Bell holds Impaler to be a bit "darker" and more "Hip-Hop oriented" than that of Chronicles.

In January 2013, Trash Can Deluxe made its premiere at the very first annual Seattle Lecture Arts Program (SLAP), held in Seattle, Washington. Trash Can Deluxe is a work featuring instruments that Bell constructed out of recycled and repurposed objects. Two weeks later, Bell went on to release Climb Aboard Longhorn. Unlike the heavy percussive rhythms and peculiar instrumentation of Trash Can Deluxe, Climb Aboard Longhorn features very little percussion. Towards the end of May, Bell released Egg Water. Dark, tense, and the first to make use of electric sounds, Egg Water is an ensemble work written for strings and percussion.

After a series of unexpected delays, Bell released Space Monkey in December 2014. Although a bit quirky, Space Monkey is a heavy hitter making use of both acoustic and electronic percussion instruments.

Bell released First Down! in December 2015. First Down! is a quick celebration cadence performed regularly by the Parish Episcopal Panther Drumline in Dallas, TX.

Bell released Ouroboros in May 2016 and continues to compose regularly. He has several projects in development that are expected to be released throughout 2017. Stay tuned!