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Donnie Bell made his debut as a composer in 2009.

Many of his compositional works have been performed by the Pierce College Percussion Ensemble in Tacoma, WA and the Onondaga Community College Percussion Ensemble in Syracuse, NY. His music has been reviewed by Mediocrity Is The New Genius and his homemade instruments were highlighted on Trashthetic.

Toucan's Revenge premiered at Lagerquist Hall March 2009

Trash Can Deluxe premiered at Seattle Creative Arts Center January 2013

Additionally, Bell has also been featured on 90.1 FM KUPS, 96.9 FM WOUR, Northwest Public Radio, Pierce TV, and the Rome Sentinel.

Alongside composing music, Bell plays drums for


Odd time signature in (5+5+6+3)/8
on the drums August 2017.


He also owns and operates The Drumbox Shop, and educates hundreds of young minds throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in music theory, composition, and performance.

...Stay tuned!